Have a funky hair day

Welcome to "Funky Hairâ„¢"

We have been privileged to be invited back year after year to a wide variety of functions throughout California. These include everything from grad-nights to birthdays, corporate picnics to country club fetes.

Our creative and professional staff consistently provides the best in entertainment. With twists and braids, glitter and spray, your guests are delighted as we quickly transform their hair into wearable art. Smiles are everywhere as guests compare their unique creations amongst each other.

Our styles have been known to last on through the next day, being spotted as an early morning breakfast out and even on a stroll through the mall, stirring interest in all who see. All styles are created in a very time efficient manner; 3 to 8 minutes per guest is all we need to create our unique designs. In addition to this, our needs for setup and space are minimal and flexible in regards to time and location at any celebration.


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